होम News Decision to impose strict restrictions to prevent Corona infection taken at Cabinet...

Decision to impose strict restrictions to prevent Corona infection taken at Cabinet meeting

Decision to impose strict restrictions to prevent Corona infection taken at Cabinet meeting

Economy untouched, no trouble for labourers

“All kind of transport allowed, crowding places closed down

Private offices to work from Home, essential commodities shops to remain open

Night curfew and during day time more than five persons not allowed to gather

Chief Minister appeals for cooperation, takes Opposition in to confidence

Mumbai, April 4 – The State Cabinet gave its nod today for imposing stricter restrictions to prevent rapidly growing Corona infections and these restrictions would be implemented from 8pm of April 5th to April 30th, 2021. While imposing these restrictions thrust has been given on closing down crowding places and due care has also been taken to ensure that state economy is not hampered and labourers are not troubled with the restrictions. Public and private transport as well as agriculture related works would go on uninterrupted but private offices, restaurants, theatres, crowding places would be closed down. A decision of imposing 2-day complete lockdown on weekends from Friday night to Monday morning was also taken in the meeting of the state Cabinet held today. While appealing all the citizens to cooperate in implementing these restrictions chief minister Uddhav Thackeray said that he has already spoken to Opposition parties and they also have shown readiness to cooperate in implementing the restrictions. The orders would henceforth termed `Break the Chain’ instead of `Mission Begin Again’

The information as to what would remain open and what would be closed down is as follows –

Agriculture related works would continue

Agriculture and related works would go on and food-grains as well as farm produce transport would be uninterrupted

Total curfew during night, in daytime more than 5 persons can’t come together

Section would be 144 imposed in the state after which five persons would not be allowed to come together during daytime between 7am and 8pm while between 8pm and 7am there would be night curfew during which people would not be able to come out of their houses unless there is valid reason. Medical services and other emergency services are excluded from these restrictions.

Gardens, Chowpatys and sea shores would be closed down completely between 8pm and 7 am. Even during the daytime, if at all there is crowding by people violating Corona rules, local administration was empowered to close down such places.

Essential services shops would be open

Grocery, pharmaceutical shops, vegetable shops would be allowed to function while other shops, malls, market places would be closed down till April 30th 2021. The shop owners and workers in essential commodities and emergency shops need to ensure their vaccination and they need to ensure whether their customers are adhering to Corona norms and rules.

All kind of transport would remain functional

Public and Private transport would remain uninterrupted while in auto-rickshaw one driver and two passengers are allowed and in taxis, 50 per cent of the designated number of passengers can travel. In private and public transport buses standing passengers would not be allowed and only seating passengers wearing masks would be allowed to travel.

Bus drivers, conductors and other staff needs to compete their vaccination and need to carry Corona negative certification with them. Railway administration needs to ensure that there are no standing passengers in trains and everyone wears mask.

Other than financial services, private offices to be closed down

Private offices are asked to implement work from home as mandatory measure and only offices like Banks, Stock Market, Insurance, Medical shops, Mediclaim related offices, telecom offices as well as local disaster management offices, power utilities, water supply offices would function uninterrupted.

Government offices to work with 50 per cent staff

The Government offices which are not Corona related would function with 50 per cent employees and visitors would not be allowed in Government offices. If at all it is necessary, the visitor pass issued by office in-charge or department head would be required. The office meetings are to be conducted online and only those who are in the premises can attend the meetings physically.

Entertainment places, Saloons to be closed down

Entertainment places like cine-plex, theatres, auditoriums, video parlours, clubs, swimming pools, sports complexes would remain completely closed down.

“Religious places to be closed down for Darshan seekers

All religious places would remain closed for Darshan seekers but priest and other staff residing in the religious campus would be allowed to perform daily rituals. These persons also need to ensure vaccination as early as possible.

Restaurants and Bars to be totally closed down

Restaurants and bar would be closed down but if any restaurant is part of a hotel, it can be allowed to function for the visitors and outside persons would not be allowed but parcel service or Take Away service can be kept open between 7am and 8pm.

Parcel service for hawkers selling food items

The hawkers selling food items on the roadside would be allowed to do their business between 7 and 8pm but the customers would have to abide by safe distance norms. The local administration would close down the hawker’s business if norms are violated.

e-commerce service to remain open

e-commerce services would be kept functional between 7 am and 8pm and it is imperative to ensure vaccination of staff giving home delivery. If not adhered to, the concerned person would be fined Rs. 1000 and the concerned shop or establishment would be fined Rs. 10 thousand.

All the saloons, beauty parlours and Spa would remain closed and the staff at these places need to get vaccinated as early as possible.

Newspapers printing and distribution would be uninterrupted

News paper printing and distribution would go on as usual but hawkers and news paper vendors need to get vaccinated.

Schools, colleges would remain closed with an exception of examinations of 10th and 12th, Private coaching classes would remain closed down.

Industries and manufacturing sector would function as usual

Industries and manufacturing sector would function uninterrupted but managements need to ensure that Corona related rules are followed.

Shooting can continue but shooting which includes crowd shots should not be taken. All employees and people at the shooting location must have RTPCR test certification and it would be implemented from April 10th.

Covid infected worker can not be removed from the job

The labourer workers are required to stay at the Construction sites and permission can be given only for equipment transport. Any worker if infected with Covid-19 can’t be removed from the job but he has to be given sick-leave and full day wages have to be given to such worker.
The contractor is supposed to take care of health check-up of the workforce

Then society would be declared mini-containment zone

If more than five patients are found, the building or society would be declared as containment zone. Outside persons would be banned from entering the building.

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